Top 10 Best Backpacks for Middle School Students in 2022

To buy the Best Backpacks for middle school students you always need to go through three different perspectives. A perspective from parents, from a child and from school supplies.

If yes!

Then invest in the best backpacks for middle school students that are made up of quality materials, great compartment structures, and breathable fabrics with chic colors and designs.

Facilitate your little champ with a stylish, lightweight, and moderate-size backpack. Students enjoy keeping their notebooks, books, laptops, umbrellas, and other accessories in an organized way. 

A backpack for middle school students is neither too big nor too small. Being a parent or a student haunting a backpack is not so easy, especially when they’re so many brands launching great models every now and then. 

Let’s have a look at the best backpacks for middle school students available on the market that almost check all the points to be a perfect backpack.

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Best Backpacks for Middle School Students Reviewed

1. Under Armour Boys Storm Scrimmage Backpack

Under Armour is one of the market-leading brands for its top-notch quality materials and standard manufacturing procedures. The brand offers a wide variety of bags, cases, and serves. 

Choosing the best backpacks for middle school students is not a problem for parents and kids now!

Let’s have a look at Under Armour Boys Storm Scrimmage Backpack that comes with exceptional durability, capacity, and space. 

This model has three storage compartments, one is small in size while the other two are main and big compartments. You can easily place your stuff including a laptop in the best backpacks for school.

In addition to this, the design ensures the proper organization of different things.  The side pockets are perfect to place the water bottles, whereas the thin sleeves keep the laptop securely. 

The big backpack for middle school is available in a variety of colors to choose one of the favorites for middle school students. 

The Under Armor patent technology adds the tendency to repel the water or moisture. The fabric is breathable, therefore, your kid will not feel any sort of discomfort, sweat, or rash on the back even while holding it for hours.

The adjustable shoulder straps are wide enough to hold the weight capacity up to 26.5L.

  • Three compartments, one small two big
  • Wide and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Comfortable wide shoulder strap
  • Expensive middle school backpack

2. Vbiger School Backpack for Girls & Boys

Vbiger is one of the renowned brands for luggage and travel bags. One of its trendy categories is a kid’s backpack that provides exceptional designs for middle school students.

Let’s have a look at top-selling and best backpacks for middle school students known as  Vbiger School Backpack for Girls & Boys.

This heavy-duty backpack offers ultimate capacity and durability.  The awesome look and feel along with a lot of options make it a hit in the market. 

As it is one of the best backpacks for school boys and girls, therefore, it has variable compartments. It has a main pocket, front patch, side pockets, laptop interlayer, and small zipper pocket. You can easily organize your stuff, books, laptop, accessories, and more.

The entire bag is made up of top-notch quality nylon along with a camouflage pattern. Thus, it is a waterproof and scratch-resistant backpack for middle school students. 

In addition to this, students adore the particular pattern bag due to its stunning, elegant, and beautiful appearance. 

Apart from good backpacks for middle school, perfect for other occasions including hiking, camping, travel, school, and more. 

This model has a large size to accommodate your belongings in a precise way.  The 32L capacity is enough to place the notebooks, umbrella, and other accessories. 

  • Comfortable shoulder support
  • Breathable and premium material
  • Clean seams lines
  • No safety feature

3. JanSport SuperBreak lightweight Backpack

JanSport is a leading brand for backpacks, bags, and other accessories. It offers a wide range of everyday backpacks, laptop bags, and urban performance. 

The exclusive point about this brand is it offers a lifetime warranty. You can claim the warranty in case of any damage, replacement, or repair of any break. 

Let’s have a look at the JanSport SuperBreak lightweight Backpack that perfectly defines the needs of middle school backpacks. 

The fabric is 100% imported polyester that ensures its durability and performance. The major concern of this model is to make sure about the user’s comfort while carrying it for hours. Therefore, it includes padded-wide shoulder straps, a padded back, and a handle. 

You will not get tired or sweat even after carrying it for more than 10 hours.  The breathable, padded back panel circulates air and keeps you cool. 

It is extremely easy for the students to organize their stuff inside the best backpacks for middle school students, as it has a main compartment, a front pocket with an organizer, and a water bottle. The built-in organizer helps the student to organize their stuff quickly.

The backpack has a capacity of 25L that is preferable for elementary and middle school students. 

In short, It is one of the lightweight, great capacity, and comfortable backs for middle schoolers.

  • Convenient backpack design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Breathable fabric
  • Fewer compartments

4. Jansport Backpack Middle School Backpack

Jansport backpacks for middle school hit the market every now and then. Let’s have a look at the most demanding and popular model by this brand. 

When you will get this bag in your hands, you will surely adore its quality materials and fine seams. There is not a single thread break throughout the stitching. 

The 100% polyester backpack is a large size and heavy-duty bag for middle school students. It can store notebooks, laptops, umbrellas, and others. It has a lot of space for your stuff. 

The zipper closure keeps your stuff secure. However, you must zip it smoothly as it may get stuck on the top padded layer. 

The look and feel of this bag are simple and minimalist, the schoolboys and girls look cute with a smart backpack on their shoulders. 

The padded shoulder strap and back are comfortable to hold for hours. The main compartment and front utility pocket help to keep your stuff in one place. 

The brand logo on the front of the best backpacks for middle school students highlights the appearance. As we know that Jansport offers a lifetime warranty then why not invest in the company that replaces or repairs the damage whenever you need it. 

  • Simple and stylish backpack
  • Ideal for both boys and girls
  • 100% polyester backpack
  • Lack laptop pocket

5. Herschel Retreat Middle School Backpack

Are you tired up of conventional backpacks? Here I have a modern, stylish, and eye-catchy bag for the parents and kids. 

Herschel is one of the dedicated brands for the backpack. The goal of this company is to aid in daily journeys with its innovative designs. 

Let’s have a look at one of its casual daypacks known as Herschel Retreat Middle School Backpack.

One is the main compartment for notebooks and books.  It has a laptop sleeve and a smartphone pocket as well. In addition to this, it has a small pocket on the front side that is secured with a clip and zip. 

Herschel is a top choice of US teenagers, this model is up to the mark in terms of comfort, durability, and capacity. A large variety of colors is available for you to choose the one you like the most.  

The sturdy nylon and polyester fabric make it last longer. You can use it as a casual daypack, day-to-day activities, trips, hiking, camping, and other occasional use as well. 

This model is available in classic and mid-volume models. According to the customer’s feedback reports, we entitled the classic model as the best backpack for middle school girls, whereas the mid-volume is the best backpack for a middle schoolboy.

  • Lightweight
  • A lot of functional compartments
  • Durable backpack
  • No waterproof cover

6. PUMA Kid’s Logo Backpack

PUMA is a recognized name for its top-notch quality sports products and equipment. But, here we have one of the best backpacks for middle school students from PUMA. The exclusive part about this model is its affordable price. 

The PUMA Kid’s Logo Backpack has three compartments, a small front compartment, a lunch box compartment, and the main compartment. 

Students adore this bag due to its convenient design. You can place the accessories such as pens, pencils, lunch boxes, notebooks, and books in an organized way. 

Moreover, there are five interior pockets and side pockets for water bottles. It is an ideal backpack for 12 to 14 years students. 

The big PUMA logo highlights the old classic backpack in a dynamic way. The whole backpack is made up of polyester fabric. The lining is clean and fine with polyester as well. 

Like other competitive backpack models, the PUMA Kid’s Logo Backpack has breathable and padded shoulder straps and back. 

This backpack is incredible in terms of its quality at such an affordable price. It has equally likely features as that of expensive ones.  

A durable and sturdy bag that takes a long to last.  You can wash it by hand with a mild detergent, just in case, the fabric gets dull.

  • A reputable brand name
  • 5 slips and 3 exterior pockets
  • Quality build
  • No anti-theft pocket

7. BOLANG Middle School Backpack

Bolang is one of the dedicated brands for bags and backpacks. It provides an awesome range of school backpacks, travel backpacks, casual backpacks, outdoor backpacks, and fashion backpacks. 

The vision of this brand is to introduce innovative design bags at an affordable price and to make a joyful online shopping experience.

Let’s have a look at one of the super stylish backpacks for the middle school students known as BOLANG Middle School Backpack.

This bag is equipped with everything that a teenage student expects from a school backpack.  

The basic compartment structure has 4 main pockets and 6 small inner pockets. In addition to this, the bag has 2 pockets and 2 sides mesh pockets to arrange your accessories. It is a spacious backpack to carry iPhone, iPad, keys, wallet, books, bottles, clothes, and other stuff. 

According to the student’s feedback reports, it is quite difficult to find a backpack that offers a wide spacious area with multiple pockets and a compartment, but BOLANG Middle School Backpack is exceptional in this regard. 

It has a classy and simple look. You can find a variety of colors to choose the one that cheers your boy or girl the most. 

This backpack is made up of nylon material that is not waterproof, but highly resistant to wear and tear.

  • Most organized backpack
  • Enough capacity
  • Classy, elegant look
  • Not waterproof

8. JanSport TDN7 Big Student Backpack

Here we come with another hit model by JanSport!  It is one of the recognized brands in the luggage and travel gear industry. Thus, we can expect more models from it. 

JanSport TDN7 Big Student Backpack is one of the best backpacks for middle school students. The main structure consists of five compartments. It has three small size pockets and two spacious compartments.  

It is great for college and high school students due to its space and pockets.  The side pockets and water bottle pockets help to keep your snacks, electronics, books, and gear. 

This model is made up of durable fabric, wide shoulder straps, and sturdy zippers.  JanSport provides a lifetime warranty so you can carry this backpack on long trips as the company is going to repair any break. 

The best part is this model is available on 20+ color variants. You can carry the minimalist and beautiful backpack anytime, anywhere!

The entire backpack is made up of 600D poly fabric that has water repellent properties. The attraction doesn’t end over here, they provide anti-theft protection in big pockets. 

TDN7 backpack stands out in the market due to its large capacity of 34L. It has a lot of capacity to carry your belongings.

  • Large size middle school girl backpack
  • Durable 600D poly fabric
  • Great organizational structure
  • Moderate comfort

9. adidas Foundation Middle School Backpack

Adidas is one of the top-rated brands in the sports industry. One of its product launch categories is backpacks that are incredible in their own way. 

Here we choose Adidas Foundation Backpack as one of the best backpacks for middle school students.

This model has four compartments, out of which two are the main compartments while the other two are medium size pockets.  There are two water bottle pockets as well to keep your accessories at the fingertip such as a mobile phone, water bottle, etc. 

The Adidas foundation backpack looks simple and elegant. It is the perfect choice for sports passionate middle school students. 

Furthermore, the bag is made up of 100% high-quality polyester material that ensures its durability. It is water-repellent as well. 

It is an average-size bag, not too big or not too small. Therefore, it is ideal for middle school students.  It can hold up to the capacity of 25 L that is good enough to carry school accessories. 

The Adidas foundation backpack incorporates maximum comfort due to its padded back and shoulders. 

You can purchase this model at an affordable price. No need to compromise on quality when you purchase a reputable brand name at pocket-friendly rates.

  • Perfect for sports lover kids
  • Top-notch quality material
  • Water-repellent
  • Expensive to buy

10. Amazon Basics Classic Middle School Backpack

AmazonBasics is an expensive and best-selling backpack brand. Its exceptional features will value your money.  Let’s have a look at one of the best backpacks for middle school students by this brand. 

The main structure has two compartments that accommodate the maximum accessories of middle school students. One is small while the other is the main pocket. 

It has a laptop sleeve to place your laptop, iPad, or tablet. In addition to this, it has a zipper pocket behind this sleeve to place other notes, paper, or more. Side pockets can be used for pencils, water bottles, or other handy stuff.  

The appearance is simple and elegant that goes best with school girls and boys. Furthermore, the backpack is made up of high-quality materials and clean stitching lines. 

According to the students’ feedback, this model is long-lasting and durable. The stitching lines are clean, smooth, and up to the mark. 

It is an average size backpack along with dimensions 12x6x15 inches. The capacity of this model is 25L.

The soft padded back and straps are comfortable to carry on shoulders. Although this backpack is expensive but is worth your money in terms of performance. 

The reviews and ratings of this product are positive. A perfect bag to be used by college students, middle school, and teenager students.

  • Zipper pocket behind the laptop sleeve
  • Comfortable strap and back
  • Value your money
  • No rain cover

Buying Guide – Best Backpacks for Middle School Students

Finding a perfect backpack is quite technical, especially when there are so many brands that hit the market with innovative designs and the latest approaches.

However, here we present a helping buying guide that defines some important and essential features (aspects)that you must consider while choosing a backpack for middle school students. 

Quality Build

Either you are a parent or student, durability is the first feature you must consider while buying backpacks for middle school. The material and the fabric used depend on your area of living. 

Because, if you are living in a rainy climate, then waterproof and water-resistant backpacks are more suitable for you. Waterproof backpacks are mostly stitched with polyester and nylon fabrics. 

Some designers also use canvas and cotton material in the backpacks. Among all the available materials, nylon is the most durable, robust, and resistant to high-temperature fabric.

Size & Capacity

The size and the capacity of the backpack depending on the items you want to be in the backpack. If your books are thicker and need more notebooks, then a backpack with a large space will be suitable for you. 

Similarly, if you want to take the laptop, then purchase a separate laptop backpack rather than placing it in the same books backpack.


A backpack with multiple compartments and pockets is more suitable for school-going students. Because multiple pockets and compartments let them organize the different items like books, stationery, water bottles in an organized way.

 In some backpacks, there is also a separate pocket or a side pocket for a water bottle. So while selecting the best backpack, keep this aspect in mind.

Advance features

This is the world of technology. Innovation in the design of the backpack is the need of the modern electronic era.  Students need some scientific features like a USB charging port to charge a phone, laptop, or tablet. But remember, these scientific and unique features are only available in the most premium backpacks.

Padded Back and Straps

For school-going students, a comfortable backpack matters a lot. An uncomfortable or heavy backpack will cause pain in your shoulders. A heavy backpack may affect your back muscles.  so always select a lightweight backpack. A comfortable backpack has padded shoulder straps and is adjustable.

Color & Style

The color and the style of the backpacks are also important to consider. Our young generation especially girls like stylish backpacks. While selecting the best backpack for your child, consider the style and color of a backpack according to his mind.


Prices of different brands for the backpacks vary according to the quality. It is much better to consider your budget.  Most of us can not afford expensive backpacks. You can get a good backpack in the range between  50$ and 100$.

Insider Advice

So, what are you waiting for? Put your hands over the best backpacks for middle school students for better organization of books, laptops, notebooks, and other stuff. 

The editor choice is Under Armour Boys Storm Scrimmage Backpack due to its quality build, multi-functional usage, and clean seams. The offered compartments and capacity better suit his needs. 

Avail the organized compartments, laptop sleeves, and hidden pockets to keep your accessories at your fingertips. The front pocket and side water bottles are other add-ons. 

Simplify your kid’s living standards by adopting the best backpacks for middle school students.